Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apt. Check and ARP...

Wally and I have just received 2 new assignments. 1. We will now be in charge of checking the missionary apartments every 6 weeks here on Kauai. We will cover the whole island from Annahola down to Kekaha. Sister Dalton said we are to check and see that the apartments are clean and that the Elders are not living in messy, dirty places. Things need to be clean so they can have the spirit with them. 2. We are now the church Addiction Recovery Program leaders for Kekaha. We have started our training for this 12 step class and are excited to be of help. We will start our classes here in May or June. Brother and Sister Cox, who are over the island, said they felt inspired to ask us to help. We are fortunate to have the time that we can spend doing this. We are so far down here it is hard for them to come all the way down from Kapa'a (a 3 hour round trip with class) and then have no one show up. It will take awhile to get things going but we know it will be a good experience and help those who need it.

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