Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet the Wrights.

Brother (1st coun. in the bishopric) and Sister Wright (Primary Pres.) and 2 of their 6 children, Evan and Allie, invited us for dinner and a lesson tomorrow night. All of a sudden we got a call tonight about 6:00 asking us if we had dinner yet. We said we had about 20 minutes ago. " Well," they said "we have a Stake Standards Night tomorrow night and won't be able to have you over. Could you come tonight?" We already have dinner ready. Just come over and eat a little. Yeah, right! The rule here is you don't eat until you are full, you eat until you are tired! We hurried on over to their house and had a wonderful visit while they were finishing setting the table. They have lived in Utah and Montana while they were going to school so we had a lot to talk about. For dinner we had salad, BBQ steak, grilled hot dogs, baked potatoes, rice and kind of a chow mien chicken noodle dish with Gatorade to drink. It was yummy. After dinner we gave lesson 4 The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a captive audience who knew the answers and that made it great. After the lesson we had dessert. It was left overs from a family party the night before. Cake, jello, cream pies what more could you want? We said, "thank you" for a lovely evening and they gave us left overs so we could eat them for dinner on Sunday. What nice ending to a wonderful day.

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