Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Elders and lunch at Costco.

I thought I would never say I would like having lunch at Costco! Well, I take that back. It is fun when we all meet there after District Meeting. The Elders love it because it is cheap and there is lots of it.

They all have their favorites, chicken or beef bake, huge slices of pizza, hot dogs, polish dogs with sour crout (Wall's meal of choice), chicken Caesar salad (my fav.) Dessert is out of this world. Berry Sundae, ice cream bars covered in chocolate and dipped in nuts, non fat yogurt swirl (yum). We can eat out for about $6.00. Wow! By out I mean out side under the umbrellas as you can see.
Good food, great weather, excellent company, what more could you ask for? By the way, we always meet lots of people who are interested in all of us with white shirts, ties, and name tags.

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