Monday, April 25, 2011

Chick Chat..

Don't laugh at how tired we look! This was taken when I set the timer on the camera and ran back to my chair. On Tues. or Wed. nights we have "Chick Chat." We have it at the Bishop's house when he is at Bishopric meeting. We ladies from the ward meet and discuss our lives, the gospel and how it affects our lives. This week I brought our "Hawaii Honolulu Mission Ka'ohilani: Atonement-Love-Obedience The Breath of Life" Easter season study manual. It is a whole month of study about the Atonement. One article a day starting March 29th. What a great experience it was. Anyway, I wanted to share it with the ladies and we had a wonderful time reading and discussing my favorite talk by Elder Neal A. Maxwell from Nov. 1997. Wally and I had already studied together and finished the readings and we're so glad to have all these wonderful readings in one place. We are also thankful that we can study and discuss together everyday. How grateful we are for our Savior Jesus Christ and the great love he has for us. Through the Atonement we can all be together one day with Him and our families for eternity if we will be obedient and endure to the end.

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