Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinner and a lesson at the Blevins

What a wonderful evening with the Blevins. We had a tasty salad, Hawaiian Stew (my fav.), rice (for every meal), and yummy Cherry Chocolate Bundt Cake with chocolate ice cream for dessert! Mmmmm!! What great cooks the members of the ward are. We have had such a variety of food because they all have heritages from Japan, Korea, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Philippines. After dinner and a visit we taught "The Plan of Salvation." It is one of my favorite lessons. They liked our visual aids too. Being a school teacher has helped me because I make charts and color them and they lead us right through the lessons and the "investigators" can follow right along. Did I mention it helps Wally and I because our memories are getting so they need jogging every now and then. We study all the time but we can't remember things like we used to. I'm not saying we're old we just aren't 19 anymore. Ha, Ha. The Blevins went to school and lived in Utah for 20 years. They finally came back to Kekaha and the family home. Bro. Blevins works for the county and Sis. Blevins teaches Special Ed at the Waimea Jr. High. They have a daughter living in Texas whose husband is from Highland, Utah and a son going to school here. They are ward missionaries and teach Gospel Principle lessons with us on Sunday on a rotating basis.

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