Monday, April 11, 2011

FHE and The Kamauoha's

We are meeting ward members by giving FHE's and lessons to them so they will know what we do. We are hoping this will help them invite family members or friends to hear the gospel. Meet the Kamauoha family. Mom is from Tonga and Dad is Hawaiian and Samoan. What a lovely family they are. They sang "Love At Home" in Tongan for us. It was beautiful! Then we had a thought by Elias from The Friend. We gave The Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. We did the kid version. We put a paper on the floor with the family names on it. Then across the room a paper with Heaven printed on it. There is nothing in between. We tell them they have to get to heaven but they can't touch the floor. No jumping either. As we give the lesson we place stepping stones on the floor in between the family and heaven. Each one has a gospel principle on it. By the time we are finished they can all walk right to heaven. It is great and the kids love it. I also pick up the stones and then give them a quiz. If they answer correctly they get a treat. It was fun and now we have friends forever. Our "grandies" aren't here so we love hugs we get from ward children!!!

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