Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thursdays with Brother C.

I know this isn't Thursday but I had to add this bit anyway. From now on I will do Thursdays with Bro. Cardejon on Thursday. Anyway, it was raining quite hard in the morning on Thursday and we didn't go on our usual walk because we would have been soaked. We always meet with Bro. C at 10:00 for our Hawaiian history lesson and to practice our Hawaiian songs. Bro. C called us and was going to say maybe we can't have our class today. I went to grab the phone and pushed the wrong button and canceled his call. For some reason he didn't call back. Later it cleared up and was a beautiful, blue skied morning. When we got over to Bro. C's place he said "I have something to show you." He brought out his cell phone and showed us a picture. It was of a beautiful rainbow right over our house. He said in the olden times of Hawaii when there was still royalty when Alii (kings or queens) were going to be buried the heavens would weep tears of sorrow but always a rainbow would shine right afterwards to let the people know something special was going to happen and everything would be alright. "When I saw that rainbow over your house", he said " I knew great things are going to happen here." It gave me the chills. He has such faith and really believes Heavenly Father has special things planned for this area. We can hardly wait.

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