Monday, April 4, 2011

The FPPA in Kekaha...?

This is the Kauai Zone, well 5 of the elders anyway. 2 of the elders had waited all day for these elders to get here (it's a long, long way from Hanalei ) and had to leave for an appointment and didn't play with them. They had their own game tho before they left and had fun. We only have 2 paddles so you can see the elders invented their own game of hit the ball across the net and run around the table and hit it back. I guess it was the way they could all have a paddle and play at once. No one was left out except Elder Garrard the D.L. who is being transferred. The laughter and noise reminded me so much of home and our ping pong table when the boys were growing up. Does anyone remember the FPPA and the trophy?
Here is Elder Garrard downstairs working on our Signing Journal. It is a custom here to have a journal to sign for each other when you are transferred. You decorate the page, write a farewell note and put a picture on the page. It is really quite the deal. Some of these elders are really good artists and go all out on the pages. Oh, for some of my scrapbook supplies and I would give them a run for their money!! By the way they all loved the Mint Chocolate Chip and Rocky Road ice cream and homemade oatmeal cookies for a treat.

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