Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Never Thought...

We had 2 wonderful experiences today! We can't believe our good luck. Uncle Andy, who we read the Book of Mormon in Hawaiian with just seemed to vanish off the face of the earth the end of January. We tried to talk to his family and ask where he was and they wouldn't talk to us. Well, yesterday as we were driving home Wally decided to drive down Andy's street. All of a sudden Wally stopped, I said "What are you doing?" You'll see he said. There on the side of the Street was Andy. He was working on his lawn. "I knew if I waited here you would come by," he said. I jumped out of the car and hugged him. "Where have you been?" "In hospital." he said. "Will you come Thursday?" We were so excited! I am so happy he kept saying. So are we! He loves us I guess and we sure love him.
Then in the evening we went to Ta'alas for dinner and a lesson. They live up Waimea Valley and have 2 houses, one for them and 1/2 their children and mother and the other next door for the other 1/2 of the kids and their grand kids. Sister Ta'ala works for the school lunch program and Brother Ta'ala has his own Taro patch (6 acres) farther up the valley. We had a great lesson, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the grand kid version. It was great and they loved it. Then we had a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings with the exception of rice instead of potatoes. As the food was passed around a big bowl of what looked like purple potatoes came round. I took one to be polite. As it turns out is was taro cooked in coconut milk with onions. Can I tell you it was delicious! Yumm. I was so surprised. "You don't like poi right?" said Tama. I said I didn't but loved these. Even had a second helping. When we left he even sent some home with us. While we were eating Tama said. That lesson was the 4th Article of Faith right? "Yes, it was," we said. We hope he will come back to full activity while are here. He is a good man.

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