Friday, April 22, 2011

You Are Hereby Notified!

Late last night while we were out teaching a lesson the sheriff left a paper taped to our door. I sure hope he didn't drive up in his car with the lights blaring. How would that look for missionaries? He left notice that our house is going to public auction on May 27th. We feel bad for the Hardy's. It is a nice, big house and we wish they could sell it. Anyway, it gave us the needed push to go and buy furniture for the mission pad. We have been trying to get moved in there but things take time, Hawaiian time. We were supposed to be here for 2 weeks to month and we will have been 6 by the time we get over there. The Young's (contractors from our ward) have done a great job on the pad and it will be a fun little place to finally live. Plus, it is right next to the church. As it turned out, we got good deals on our furniture and free delivery clear down here. If we had waited just a few more days we wouldn't have been so lucky. We will miss this fabulous kitchen and the washer and dryer. The missionaries will miss the ping pong table. No more FPPA here I guess.

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