Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brandon and Jana Have Arrived!

Brandon and Jana arrived yesterday from Maui. We were so excited that they would come over and spend 2 days with us. We went to Poipu and spent the night at the Marriott. It was so wonderful to have a big, comfortable, soft bed to sleep in. We even watched a little news on T.V.
Here is Brandon doing a flip as he jumps off the Kipu Falls. He makes me so nervous he is such a dare devil. If you look closely you can see the ladder and the rope swing. Brandon went off the swing 2 or 3 times until it hurt his broken rib.
These pictures are taken at Kipu Falls. The kids are checking out the falls. They both jumped but only Brandon tried the rope swing. It is a fun place to go. The hike down to it is narrow path down through a cane field. Half way down I said to Jana "I hope there are no snakes in here" and she told me there are no snakes in Hawaii. Yea!

What fun to show our kids where we do our missionary work, live and go to church. We even took them to see "our" beach. That way they can feel apart of what we are experiencing.

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