Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Thursday History Lessons.

Meet Brother an Sister Cardejon. Sister Cardejon works as a manager out at the Waimea Plantation cottages. Brother Cardejon is retired and so we have the great opportunity to work with him on Thursdays on the ward list. We are working very hard to up date it and since both of the Cardejons are related to about everyone on the island it is a great help!
As we have gotten more involved in the lists Brother Cardejon has now begun to start our sessions with Hawaiian history and language lessons. It is really a lot of fun and so interesting. We are learning some wonderful things. Many prophets have spent time on the islands and have a great love for the Hawaiian people. We also found out that one of the kings of Hawaii donated the land for our chapel in Kekaha to the church. So every Thursday I will now add a little history and language to the blog. Oh, Brother Cardejon worked at the PCC when it first opened in the early 1960's. He was a dancer. When it first opened it was only for 2 days a week and people thought it would never make it. Somehow the show from the PCC made it to L. A. and the Hollywood Bowl. They were there for a week and even performed on the Ed Sullivan Show(a T. V. variety show from way back). After that the PCC never looked back and it really took off. What a wonderful place it is to show the many cultures of the islands.

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