Friday, February 18, 2011

You Won't Believe This!!

As we were walking along the beach this morning we heard the bells of a fishing pole go off. That means there is a fish on the line. Fishermen fish off the shore all the time. Usually putting in at least 2 poles sometimes 5 or 6. They put little bells on the eye of the pole so when it starts to ring they know they have a fish on the line. I was asking some questions about it when all of a sudden the bell goes off. The guys couldn't believe it. It happened so quickly after they put the line in. This fish is bigger than it looks. It is called a Bone Fish.
Then we see a young boy walking with a pole up and down the beach. A fish is on his line and it will not give up. Back and forth, back and forth. Finally he lands it. It is huge about 3 feet long and must weigh 50-60 lbs. It was and Ulua. WOW! I didn't even think to take a picture I was so excited. I can't believe I did that. What a fun thing to watch. Just think those fish are that close to us swimming in the water!!!

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