Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Bye Elder Schmerse.

Holy Cow! All but 2 elders are being transferred! We couldn't believe it when we heard it this morning. The only elder left who has been here as long as we have is Elder Parker one of the Zone Leaders. Elder Gerard, the other one left, has been here just 6 weeks since the last transfers. Elder Schmerse is a great elder and we have enjoyed knowing him. We take care of him and his companion on P-days. They wash their clothes here and have breakfast and lunch with us. We kind of feel like they are our boys. While he was sitting here visiting with us he was feeling just fine that he hadn't gotten a call from the Pres. Don't get so comfy Elder. Just about 11:00 his phone rang and you guessed it he got "the call." He is going to be a D.L. in Honolulu.
He is a great young man and will do a wonderful job.

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