Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dr.s Visit and Plantation Cottages.

The oven for baking bread.
The Kruse House.

Wally had a visit with Dr. Krebs an Dr. Vu today about a sore on his face. They are going to do a little minor surgery on it on Friday. He feels better now knowing that is not quite as bad as he thought it might be. On our way home we decided to visit Sister Cardejon at the Waimea Plantation Cottages. She told us we could use the WiFi in the lobby there. That would be such a great help to us. While we were asking about it she said "let me take you on a tour of the property. I want you to bring all your boys and families here for a stay." So she and her assistant Oomi drove us around in golf carts and showed us their favorite spots. Here Wally and I are standing next to a huge Banyon Tree with many roots. You also can see the picture of the Kruse House. It has five bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen, 2 sitting rooms and a huge porch or lanai as they call it here. It is only $650 a night. What a deal. We could all fit in there. It is a plantation cottage and is true to it time period. It is old but wonderful. The last picture is of an oven for baking bread. It is from the 1800's. It belonged to a family in our ward and they donated it to the Cottages so it could be preserved and be seen as part of the history museum. What a great day it turned out to be. Our lesson with Justin and Lauren on Word of Wisdom and Eternal Marriage and Temples was outstanding too. Keep praying for these 2. We love them so much and hope they embrace the gospel soon!

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