Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Geckoes, Spiders, Cockroaches. Yuk!

This little guy loves the bathroom. His lives around the big bathtub. He is little and cute. You should see the huge one who lives up by the high ceiling and comes zooming down the wall and runs over to the fridge in the evening.
This spider appeared on Monday when the elder's were here. We all took pictures. This doesn't do him justice. He is huge! Dad vaccumed him up and then emptied him outside. Jeffrey would have loved him. His legs were so00 long.

And tonight the best of all the game. Here I am working on the blog and out runs this guy. Ugh.
All these creatures just make me crawl. Makes you wonder what they do when you are sleeping at night. The ants are the best tho. You can't leave anything on the counter at all or it will be Hawaiianized. That's what we call it. In a matter of a few minutes anything you leave out will be covered. I left a tortilla on the counter waiting for the pan to warm up and I just turned my back for a minute. When I turned around it was covered. Ahhhhh. The other nasty things are the gnats that are attracted to light at night. No lamps, no computers, no touches or they fly in your eyes, up you nose and in your mouth. Yuk!!!

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