Thursday, February 24, 2011

Service and the 4th Grade.

Here is Mrs. Karratti's 4th grade class. Dad and I read with them on Monday's and Wednesday's. They are so cute and it is a fun thing to do. As missionaries we are encouraged to do service one day a week if we can. When I first asked Mrs. Karratti if I could do it she was a little hesitant. I told her all I wanted to do was listen to her students read and that I had had a parent listen to my class at home and how much it helped all the students not just the ones who had a hard time reading. After the first week she was so excited because all the kids loved the attention. I asked her if Wally could come because he wanted to help and she said "I wondered what he was doing when you were here." Our investigator Lauren comes too. Everyone has a good time.

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