Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brother Souza the Ahi and the Ono.

Here is Brother Souza's boat. He goes fishing for days at a time out by himself. This is how he makes his living. He has a fish finder and satellite phone and GPS. He sometimes goes off Niihau.
He has a fish broker who sells his fish to restaurants for him and takes 10%.

We were just coming home one day and passed his house and saw he was home so we dropped in. Little did we know he just got back from a fishing trip. Here he is filleting an Ahi (yellow fin tuna)
and an Ono(supposedly the best eating fish on the islands). We watched and he told us all about it as he did it. He did it so easily with a flick of the wrist. He was even kind enough to give us a big piece of each. He gave us specific instructions on how to cook them and we followed his directions to the "T" and it just melted in our mouths. Never have we tasted such delicious fish and don't suppose we will again!!! His last comment was "the fish doesn't get any fresher that this!"

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