Thursday, February 10, 2011

Justin and Lauren Update.

Just wanted to let you know that Justin and Lauren are doing well. We continue to teach them lessons every week. They are truly a golden couple. We love them and think of them as if they were our own. We taught them about the organization of the church and they came to Sunday School, Priesthood and Relief Society. They never questioned the lesson on tithing and fast offerings. It just so happens that their house is for sale but they have a lease until April. They called us and told us they couldn't come to church because the house was being shown and they couldn't leave their dog there while it was being looked at. They hopped in the car and headed out. When they got to Kalaheo they saw the church and stopped and left Bonnie in the car and went in to Sacrament Meeting. When they told us our hearts were about to burst. Lauren gave the most beautiful prayer last time we were there and we were humbled by it. It was truly heartfelt and there was no doubt she was talking to our Heavenly Father.

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