Sunday, February 20, 2011


Happy 60th Birthday Bud Bouche! We were invited out to the Barking Sands Military Base for a birthday dinner for Brother Bouche. His family works on base and lives there too. They are from Orem and all their children graduated from Mountain View High School. Small world. Anyway, the thing that was funny was we all had to have picture ID's and be on a security check list so we could go on base. Our names were on the list but they still checked our ID's and made us feel like terriorists! Hmmm. As we were waiting I hopped out of the car with my camera and asked the guard if I could take his picture. He threw up his hands and said "Oh no you can't do that. It is against regulations. If you do I will have to take your camera." I was shocked. " What can I take a picture of for my blog then?" I asked. "How about that helicopter over there?" So I did. I
forgot the name of it but it was huge. This picture doesn't do it justice! Do Wally and I really look that scary? Maybe like foreign agents? Spys? I can hear what you're all saying now. Very funny.

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