Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time Again For Transfers!

We had Zone meeting today. It will be our last as this group. Elder Fiafie(big guy in the lava-lava)and Elder Prina (zone leader bottom left) will be leaving for sure. We will miss them. Elder Prina really wanted to hug us we could tell but held himself back. He is such a good guy. Wish I knew someone to set him up with. We had a great meeting and the Z.L's promised us that if we met our goals this week they would take us out to a mexican restaurant in their area for lunch on Monday, our P-day. They leave Wednesday. Both will go home to Utah. Hmmm, is it worth it. We think so!!! I took them Mandy's Chocolate Chip cookies for a treat this week. Boy, did they ever eat those up in a hurry.

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