Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bro. C, Andrew and Lois.

To day Wally and Bro. C worked on the ukulele and some new songs, Pearly Shells and an old Don Ho favorite Tiny Bubbles. Boy oh boy are we getting old because I am sure if you are reading this and your aren't 64 or older you don't even know what I am talking about. We always have such a good visit with him and enjoy ourselves so much. We have a true friendship with him. We went on home after our visit and had some lunch. As I was looking out the window I noticed Andrew slowly walking up the street carrying his Book of Mormon. We went out to meet him and he said, " We go church. Family make mess and I no clean up." He was upset and didn't want to clean up their mess but didn't want to miss our meeting. We felt so good about that and said it would be fine with us if we went over to the church for our reading time. He is so sweet. When we go to his house we always notice that he has raked up the yard around the table where we sit. He cleans off the table and tries to make it as nice for us in the yard as he can. He really shows us a lot of respect when he does that and this time it made him a little ticked and he didn't want us over in the mess they left. After our meeting with Andrew we went over to our lesson with Lois. For dinner we had chicken, oven fried potatoes (oh I haven't had them in so long) salad, sushimi (raw fish) asparagus and corn on the cob. The most Americanized food we have had in a long time. It was yummy. I gave the lesson on the Book of Mormon with "flip chart" pictures I have created. It really helps I find, that we have visuals and my teaching background doesn't let me down. Lois loved the lesson and then she said the prayer for the second time. We can see such a blossoming in her. She loves the lessons and seems to feel so at peace. We aren't rushing her and we told her she can let us know when she wants to be baptized. Cross your fingers. Vince asked us tonight if we will be willing to teach his parents the lessons. They are Catholic. They are older and his dad has had a stroke. What a compliment to ask us to do that. We meet with them next Friday.

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