Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great Lesson and Dinner with the Karratti's

We had a great lesson with Ane and Audry today. We taught part of the restoration and showed the Joseph Smith video. It was a great meeting. Ane knows a lot of scriptures by heart. He said he grew up reading the bible and memorizing scriptures. It was amazing that as the video went on and was quoting different scriptures from the bible Ane was saying them right out loud at the same time. We all felt the spirit and Ane even said the closing prayer. Ane and Audry love the young adult class taught by the bishop's wife, Sister Akita so they attend that every other week and they are being fellow shipped right along with the lessons. We think they feel at home already! Right after church the Karratti's (he is the former bishop and now mission leader) asked us over for a simple put together after church lunch. We were happy to say "sure we would love that!" They invited their son Enoka (E for short) and daughter-in-law Denise (we read to her 4th grade class on Mondays) over too. We had such a fun time cutting up veggies, mangoes and stuff for salad and then cooking ahi and ono to eat. Wally and Bro. K. played the ukulele and sang. Wally learned a new song " You'll never find another kanaka (native) like me." As we were leaving they asked us to hike the Sleeping Giant tomorrow. We are excited because missionaries do it all the time but we have never been with them. Now we can finally tell them we have done.

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