Tuesday, September 27, 2011


What an outstanding Zone! Here we are after Elder Cart's lesson displaying our Title of Liberty.
As you can see we are all ready to go and preach to the world. We are hoping for 115 baptisms this "Obedient October." That is for the whole Hawaii Honolulu Mission not just Kauai. Elder Cart (middle, kneeling) has just been made DL and he did a fine job with his lesson today. We really enjoyed it and learned a lot. He took over from Elder Austin, with the crutches. Elder Austin got side swiped during a flag football game on P-day. He was afraid he would have to go home early. He has just 5 weeks left. Luckily his leg was not broken. We had lunch at Costco and met a young family in the lunch line. I said to Wally, "I can tell they are LDS." So we struck up a conversation. They are from Cotton Wood Heights and got here 24 hours ago. We asked if they knew Eric and Holly. No. They and their 3 children are going to be living in Kalaheo. They have a year lease on their place and will see if they want to stay or not after that. He works from home and can do his job anywhere he said so they decided to try Hawaii. This is the 2nd couple now that we have met that has decided to try Hawaii out as a place to live. I would never have thought of that when I had a young family. How boring am I?

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