Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Full Day of Service...

First thing today the ward met to put in a cement pad at Sister Kua's cottage. The cement pad had to be put down so the stairs could be put in and the house painted. That will be done later this month. Wally feels like he can really be a help with that. Poor Sister Kua wants to come home but she can't till all the renovations are complete. She is staying with her daughter on Oahu and has no clue what is going on. Will she be surprised when she finally comes!

After the cement work was finished Brother Louis went and got his little back hoe and started cleaning out the over grown lot in front of our house. Our ward has gotten permission to have a garden there. When they got to work they found all kinds of junk had been tossed on the lot. They were worried about rats and centipedes too. Yuk! I live next to rats. Help! It was a full day. Poor Wall he is tired. Let's hope the BYU game gives him something to cheer about tonight.

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