Friday, September 16, 2011

Palaccio's Senior and Shenanigan's

Vince called us and asked us if we would like to teach his parents the missionary discussions. He is loving our scripture reading and missionary lessons as we are teaching Lois and wants his family to have this great blessing in their lives. We went over to visit Elizabeth and Frederico today. Frederico is bed ridden and can't speak. He hears and understands though. Elizabeth is his care giver and they live in a grandparent's apartment attached to their daughter's house. They are both in their late 70's. I gave the lesson all by myself this time. Wally was praying for me the whole time! It was lesson 1 The Restoration and Wally usually gives this one. He wanted me to have the experience and didn't tell me until we got their and then said "Sister Fairbanks will give the lesson today." Help! I think I did pretty well and Elizabeth really enjoyed all I talked about and answered any questions I asked. She is so sweet. We pray for them because I know Elizabeth's family is so important to her ( 11 children in all). Vince was the only one of a set of quints that survived when he was born (55 years ago). Being sealed together as a family is so important to him. Elizabeth could be baptized, I know, because her health would allow it but Frederico would have to have his work done at a later date. I think we will meet again next week! Brother Karratti came by this evening and asked what we were doing for dinner. Not so much we said. Maybe pbj's. Yum! "Why don't you come out to the base for dinner with us?" "It's prime rib buffet tonight." You don't have to ask us twice with an offer like that. We had heard it was delicious and hoped someone would ask us ( you have to be affiliated with the base) to go sometime. It lived up to everything we have heard. It was wonderful. We sat on the lanai out by the ocean and had a wonderful evening. We sat and visited and ate until it was too dark to see anymore. And the double fudge chocolate brownie with whipped cream was a perfect ending to a perfect day! Mmmmm.

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