Saturday, September 24, 2011

Helping the Sisters.

Before I talk about our day. I thought you might like to see a Hawaiian snail. Yikes. They are all over the place. This one was waiting for us when we got home from our walk this morning. I put the quarter beside it so you could see just how big it is. After we got dressed and did our morning study we went over to help the sisters. Their towel rack had come off the wall and they needed a carbon monoxide detector put up. That was ordered by the Mission President. He wants every apartment to have one. Wally was glad he could help and just our luck it only included a screw driver and some of those expander things. The sister's were so happy to have it done they thanked us profusely. Wally said, " Well, as long as it just takes string, a screw driver, glue or duck tape I can do it." He is so humble.

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