Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watering, Palm Trees and Visiting Teaching.

Here are 2 pictures I thought everyone would enjoy. The first is a coconut palm I am growing from a coconut that fell off of a tree. It is really taller that it looks because I took the picture looking down.

Here is Wall hand watering the lawn because the water is set to go only every third day and he can't stand how dry it looks. That's our church in front of him. Our little house is right behind it. Well, I guess we just have to garden a little bit. You can't take it out of us because it comes naturally, it is our love and we have been doing it so long. It kind of gives us thinking time when we do it. I wanted a pot of geraniums for the porch but Wally put his foot down at that. Wall had time to himself today too. I have been made a visiting teacher and went today with my partner Uui Wright. It took us 4 hours and we had a great time visiting with our sisters. We have much bigger assignments here. I put in little missionary thoughts and commitments at each house and we felt like it was very successful.

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  1. That is the cutest li'l palm tree I've EVER seen. And the greenest lawn. Tell Grandpa to keep up the amazing yard work ;)