Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Great Sunday.

What a beautiful Sunday today. All the meetings (we taught the Plan of Salvation to the Agemotu's) and lessons were wonderful. The Stake Presidency came down to visit our ward. The stake president makes me homesick for my kids. He reminds me of Jeffrey. In fact, they are even the same age. I've said before he is tall and dark etc. We were asked today by Tony Wong's family if Dad and I would give the prayers at his funeral. What an honor to be asked. We will be just coming back from the airport after going to the temple and don't know if we will be on time. We will be at the funeral though. We hadn't had a meeting with Lois this week and were wondering about that. Just as we were leaving the building she asked if we could come over that afternoon. It was my turn to cook and so we made the appointment for 4:30 so I could go home and get something ready. I decided on lasagna and was prepared a little bit, just in case. They loved the lasagna, salad, french bread and cookies. Everything turned out really well and we had a wonderful lesson on Tithing and Fast Offerings. Lois really is beginning to see the hand of the Lord in her life even though she hasn't been a member and it is really touching her heart. We all hope she will choose to be baptized soon. Pray for her will you?

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