Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, Monday.

We love Monday's when we get everything done and then head over to Salt Pond Beach to eat our Lappert's ice cream in a waffle cone and watch the waves. Lots of wind surfers and para sailors out today.

The same girl serves us at Lappert's every Monday. She is cute and friendly. This time she waved us off and said," see you next week." Later that evening the ZL's called to tell us they had a contact for us. It seems they came down to Lappert's later in the afternoon, to have a cone because the President bought everyone cones when the zone reached their "high water mark" baptisms. Hmmm. Anyway, they gave our girl the 5 minute Restoration lesson and she is interested. We have her number and will call tomorrow. These elders are so cute and there are not many who can resist them. It will be wonderful if this works out. I should be more Bold!

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