Monday, September 26, 2011

A Walk on the Beach.

We finished everything we had to do early today and so we decided to have lunch at home and then head down to our Kekaha beach. We usually spend 2 or so hours walking and sitting watching the water. We hadn't been down for an actual walk on the sand by the water for a long time. Wow! There is no beach anymore. Erosion has eaten away the sand. This is where the life guard station used to be and it has had to be moved down to MacArthur Park, right in front of our prayer rock, I might add. There used to be a gradual incline from the road on the sand down to the water and now the water comes right up to the road. Sometimes if the waves are rough enough they splash on the road. I hope everything gets back to normal so we can go down and sit on the sand and watch the whales in December. I wonder if it is just a seasonal and tidal thing and it will change again in the winter.

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