Friday, September 23, 2011

Missionary Honor Night at Lydgate Park.

We went to a wonderful activity at Lydgate Park up in Kapa'a tonight. It was a Stake honor night for all the missionaries past and present from all the wards in the Kauai Stake. First, there was outstanding entertainment. Singing, dancing. guitar and ukulele playing. It is our favorite. The music is great and the running commentary is hilarious.

Of course, there is food. Always food! It is all so yummy. They even had mashed potatoes, ham and lasagna. Oh, the potatoes were to die for. I haven't had mashed potatoes in so long. By the way, there is always enough food so that you can take a plate home. Never, never will they run out of food or anyone go hungry at a Hawaiian party.

After the dinner they had a power point presentation from every ward. There was a picture of the missionary, map of their area and a picture of something from the country. It was so good. Wally and I want to do one of these for our ward when we get home. Or suggest it anyway. It was such and inspiring presentation and amazing to learn of all the service people have done.

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