Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Picking Up Sister Kamada.

We offered to take Sister Brown to the airport today and then pick up Sister Kamada. Sister Parkin would need a companion 'til Sister Kamada arrived and I was the solution! We had to be up a 4:00 to get ready and pick up Sister Brown at 5:00 to make it to the airport for her 6:00 o'clock flight back to the Visitor's Center. It will be her last transfer until she goes home. We were perfect in timing for everything. Alas, when we got to the sister's apartment it was pitch black. Hmmm. We called them. " Help! Our alarm didn't go off. Give us 5 minutes." Can you just imagine what that did to Dad's blood pressure? Anyway, we did get off and in just under 10 minutes. We made it to the airport and Sister Brown made her flight. Ahhh. Now all we had to do was wait about 45 min. for Sister Kamada. Dad went over to cell phone waiting and we went into the baggage area. We waited. The plane came a little early. Guess what? No Sister Kamada. We looked everywhere. We even found out there was another baggage area in the airport and we looked there. No Sister Kamada. We got worried and called the ZL's. Then we called the mission office, then the AP's. No Sister Kamada and she did get dropped off at the airport and on the flight, they thought. By the time we got through checking everywhere there was another flight coming in from Oahu in 10 minutes. We decided to wait and see what would happen. Yea, Sister Kamada arrived. I guess she missed her flight once she got in the airport in Oahu and they put her on the next flight over here. They didn't tell anyone and it was a good thing we waited around. She is such a sweet lady. She is from Japan just outside Tokyo. After picking her up we took Sister Parkin to a Dr's apt. and then to the drug store for a prescription. I won't go into details but it took us until 1:30 in the afternoon because it was a walk in clinic and we had to wait at the drug store. We were bushed by then and had to go home to have a nap. What an exciting day.

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