Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bananas and the Ward Garden.

This morning there was a little knock on the door and when I got there there were these beautiful bunches of bananas. More aloha for us! Yumm. I looked over and saw Bro. M.'s truck across the fence. There he was unloading banana tree starts, papaya tree starts and a few squash plants. When I called to Wally and told him what was happening his eyes lit right up! Ahhh, some gardening to do and plants to tend. He is in his element.

The ward garden is starting at long last. Wally is so happy to have some plants to work on. He asked Bro. M for a rake and a hoe so he can work a little here and there and make sure the plants have plenty of water and he can tidy the area around them a little bit. We are going to include neighbors and friends in the garden as well as ward members. What a great missionary tool. We are both getting a little homesick for the yard, though. We will be so happy to plant the pots when we get home the middle of May.

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