Monday, January 2, 2012

Rose Parade!

We spent our P-day watching the Rose Parade and football games! We walked this morning about 6:45 and when we got home it was just about time for the parade to start. We were excited to watch it and see the American Fork Marching Band. They did a great job, by the way. Yea, A.F.
There was VOG today. Vog is our "inversion." We get hazy days and a bright red sun and red sunsets when that happens. It comes from the big island when the volcano is acting up. People with asthma and allergies have to take their medicine and watch their outside activities. Well, just in case anyone is interested here are our New Years Resolutions - The Top 3 Each:
Wally: 1. lose weight 2. play some Golf 3. visit and hug grand kids more. Fran: 1. lose weight
2. get some scrap booking done (family history) 3 visit and hug grand kids more. There you have it. Hmmm... Wally and I are getting to be more alike all the time. Do you think so?

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