Sunday, January 29, 2012

Evan Confirmed Today.

Evan was confirmed today. It was a wonderful thing for him as well as the ward. Wally was able to be a part of the circle and that was special for him. Evan had to be confirmed twice just like he was baptized twice. We laughed and told him he must be special! He hugged me and said "You just have to have faith, that's all!" I love his sweet spirit and great faith. It was a great day in our Sunday School class also. We had 6 less active and non-members come again. They say they enjoyed the lesson and will be back next week. We love teaching them but wish it could be a little more intimate like teaching in their homes but they like it this way and say it is the best for them and that's what counts. We have just one question. How do you group commit people to baptism, wow, and all the other commandments?

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