Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Interview with The President.

I wish this showed how red the sun was. Anyway it looks like something from the creation doesn't it? This was about 7:10 a.m. We had to go in early for our interviews but knew they would be behind when we got there. We started our meeting and Pres. was still interviewing. Finally, he came in and tapped us on the shoulders and said, "Come with me, you 2!" Usually we have an interview with both Pres. and Sis. but today it was combined. They are so wonderful and lots of fun. We sat in a room and talked about the mission and what we thought was good for our area, how we were accepted and trusted. Things like that. They also asked our opinion on certain things. It was good. During this visit we got a talk on eating sensibly. It seems over the holiday weekend some missionaries got really sick and had to go to the ER. It turns out they had just eaten too much including 1 bottle of Tabasco sauce because it all tasted so good. The bill for treatment was astronomical!! Sis. gave everyone a chart that outlines calories, portion size, what not to eat and what to eat if you go for fast food. It was great. It went right along with our New Years Resolutions. She also gave everyone a nice apple for a treat. Yummm. The only problem was I brought a BIG batch of double chocolate chip cookies for the elders to feast on during meeting. We like to spoil them and they appreciate it so much. Everyone laughed and said ok let's eat them but in moderation (Elder T wants to know how many cookies will fit his fist for his portion, he is a big polynesian by the way). Right! Oh, for lunch Pres. took all of us to Pizza Hut for the Lunch Buffet! So much fun for all of us to sit down together and let our hair down (all except Wally that is).LOL!

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