Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sisters to Lunch and R.S. Fitness Night.

Sister Parkin and Sister Taputea called and asked if they could come down to Kekaha today to have lunch with us. They have never been down this far and wanted to come and see the area. They didn't get to come on Monday to see the Waimea Canyon because the Elders "forgot" to call and let them know they were coming. They could have seen us then. Of course, we said yes and told them to be here at 12:30. We fixed a nice lunch of burritos and fruit with chocolate chip banana bread for dessert. They stayed for awhile to visit and it turned out to be a really nice afternoon. After they left I got ready for Relief Society. We had a Fitness Night. We did Zumba with the Wii and made "Da any Kine" quiche for a healthy dinner. We all brought something for the quiche and a pan so we could bring some home to cook for ourselves. It was really fun! Sister Kua ,above, let me take her picture so you would know who she is. Remember all the times I posted about everybody working on her plantation cottage. Here she is finally back amongst us. She is so sweet and is just thrilled with her house. I found out that she had been showering outside because she could no longer get in and out of her claw footed tub (it was an antique). She is so in love with her new inside shower and she even has hot water to boot. She has never complained or said a word so she wouldn't be a bother to anyone. She is 84 and is thankful for all her many blessing and the kindness of all of those who worked on her home. Oh, my goodness, it makes me think about myself and whether I am grateful enough for the blessings I have.

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