Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy Wednesday.

Petra left today for the mainland. We had mixed emotions about the whole thing. We are happy because she will have a promotion in her work as well as a raise. But we will miss her for Chick Chat! We, Maxine, Wall and I met at her house to surprise her and tell her goodbye again. It was easier for us though because we know we will see her again when we go down to Jeff's this summer.

This afternoon all our appointments canceled. Must be the new year. We decided we would go down and walk on the beach. We haven't been for 2 weeks so we wanted to see what's up. 6 trees that are up in the area where the homeless camp has been have had their roots and the sand around them eroded by the ocean and knocked down. It is amazing how far up the water has come! We were talking to a surfer and he laughed and said, "We're sinking!" Trucks used to drive on this beach, campers camped here and now there is a ledge and the water is clear up almost to the fence that is separating the beach from Syngenta corn growing land. I wonder if it will go up even farther. I lived on the ocean all the time I was growing up and saw high tides etc. but have never seen anything like this!

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