Monday, January 16, 2012

Beach Walk and Dinner.

This isn't a picture of our beach walk but I love this picture of the Kalalau Valley from the top and thought I would use it. It is so breathtaking from the top. The clouds roll in and then if you stay for a few minutes they roll out again. It is almost mystical. I would like to go and hike in there but it takes a boat ride to the drop of and they drop you in the water and you have to swim in. Not up to that right now though! We did walk on our beach tonight. It was a sunset walk, which we love. We were hoping to see the green flash when the sun set but at the last minute some low level clouds appeared and we couldn't see it. After our walk we went back to Tad and Teresa's place for dinner and pleasant conversation. They are our friends from Poland via Sweden to Canada. They are here for just 5 months of the year and already time is flying by. They will leave on March 31st. We had fish, taro cakes, wild rice and a lovely beet salad. We took some yummy banana bread ( thanks for your great recipe Terri it's my fav.) for dessert. We will sure miss the lovely friends we have met here. It is getting so it is near the end for us we are starting a lot of lasts.

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