Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Last Oil Change.

On our way to Lihue to get the last oil change for the car before we come home we saw one of my favorite signs. When we first saw these signs we wondered if the members just met at the beach and surfed and played or whatever. Some people feel they can worship best in nature. This is a very popular church here. We found out they do good works though. They take clothes and food to the homeless people living on the beaches all around the island. The guys at the Toyota place said they will miss us. They have been so nice to us since we have been here. They are very respectful and always recognize who we are. After we finished the car Wally took me to Ace Hardware to buy materials for a card making class I am in charge of for Relief Society next month. Next, we went to lunch at Costco. We met some nice visitors from Utah and sat with them while we ate. We always meet visitors while we are there and they are always so excited to see MISSIONARIES. The first question is always "how did you get to come here?" and then "do you really do missionary work?" We have lost all our color even Wally's skin is lighter than it is at home. We do have some latitude but we don't sit on the beach and vacation every day. It is one of the really fun things for us to visit with people and talk about what we do here. We also found the UPS store. Wally wants to start sending all the "stuff" home that we have collected while we have been here. You know it is really hard to part with some things. Poor Wall, he just can't understand that.

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