Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain, Rain So Glad to See You.

It rained all night and now it is raining this morning. It is wonderful and sooo refreshing. It has been a long time coming and everything is so brown. We were able to get in a walk during a short break in the rain and then we got ready and headed over to Bro. C's for our Thurs. missionary and Hawaiian history meeting. We are preparing for Evan's baptism on Saturday. We sat under his carport, watched the rain and I took this picture so you could see that when it rains here it pours, buckets that is. We had a little rain one day last week and we could already see a change in the grassy areas. I know everything will really come alive with this rain. The ground quickly becomes soaked and the plants really absorb the water. The people over on Niihau are probably cheering right now mabe even doing a rain dance. I'll bet their water catchment systems are really filling up. Hooray for them! Water is such a precious gift over there.

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