Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sharks Spotted at Salt Pond.

We had a great lesson with Lois tonight. We showed 2 Mormon Messages #16 and #18. They are wonderful short clips that contain inspirational messages by General Authorities and others. We also read 2 Nephi 9. As always it was a great meeting! For dinner we had potluck. I brought Macaroni Bake, Bonnie a delicious salad and Vince and Lois pizza. Yumm! We continue to pray for Lois that she will be assured that she does "Know Enough" ... "Good Things are to Come" and that she will be baptized soon. We got home about 8:00 p.m. and watched the news for a minute and saw that Salt Pond was closed down today because of a shark spotting! Wow! We couldn't believe it. It is rare but I guess it does happen. I can't remember the name of the shark but it wasn't a great white or anything like that. Still it was a shark!

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