Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Finally Raining!

We woke up to rain today! We are so glad because we have not had any this winter at all and Kekaha is really suffering. Everything is so brown. As we drove in to Lihue the rain got heavier and heavier. It was pouring. Just like it can do over here. It was amazing. Like someone pouring a bucket overhead. After our meeting we were going to eat at Costco but the tables and eating area are outside over here so we ended up going to the drive-up at Taco Bell. This is the last week of the transfer and so here is the famous end of transfer picture. Here is our prediction. Elder Ence top middle and Sister Taputea bottom right will leave. Wally is sad to think of that because he loves to speak French with her and Elder Turina. She is probably leaving because Sister Parkin is finished with her mission next transfer and Sister Taputea will go back to the Visitor Center. Visitor Center sisters only come out to a pros. area for 2 transfers. Sister Parkin needs to train the next sister to come so she can take over the area. We always say how much we love our elders and sisters but we really do and we become so attached to them. We feed them lunch, fix their pants, bring them treats, check their apartments and cars etc. We really do have a vested interest in them!

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