Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's That Time Again...

Today was car and apartment check day. This is transfer week and so we needed to see that everything was in order with the elders and sisters. They have been doing really well with their apartments because I tell them to be prepared and their places had better be clean.(I give them the evil eye Wally says.) Well, I guess the office didn't believe me because I got an e-mail that said I needed to be more strict and that I should only give high marks if I would live in those conditions. At District Meeting I told everyone I would really be on the look out this time and guess what? They didn't let me down. Toilets and showers were beautifully clean for their age. Floors were swept and desks dusted, beds made, it was great. A+ from me.

The flowers and flowering trees come in waves on the island. This wave of color just out is the wild bougainvillea. They are everywhere and almost florescent purple. It is like a shock wave of wild color. It is so beautiful. I am sure the orange will be next because it is about time for the Tulip trees to start their bloom. We had lunch at the Shrimp Station and then took a lovely walk on the ocean at Kapa'as Beach Park walking and bicycle path. Next month I think we will try going to Secret Beach to see the sea caves and water falls.

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