Friday, December 16, 2011

2nd Night of Float Preparation.

Day 2 of the float decorating was busy. The thing that has been exciting is all the help we are getting from people we don't see too often. We have handed out lots of invitations to come and help us get ready for the parade and luau on Saturday night. Many non-members and less actives are coming to join in the fun. It is so exciting. Wally and I are happy to let people know we are just regular people and we just want to get to know everyone.

The next 2 pictures are out of order but anyway, we had to put sand down first and then rocks and live palm trees to make it look like an island. We (Wally and I) thought that we would have to go down to the beach to get the sand and bring it back by the buckets full. Not so! Jerry took his "big shovel" and dug down 2 inches in the lot next to my house, it was straight sand. He just scooped it up and brought it over and dumped it on the truck. Wow! We are living on just plain sand. I hope Kauai doesn't sink. LOL

Another late night but we sure had a good time. Oh, and by the way both nights we have had pupu's. That's appetizers to you. And you guessed it, it was more like a pot luck dinner.

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