Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy 43rd Anniversary Wally!

We all went kayaking up the Wailua River today. All except Suze and the 3 youngest grand kids that is. Wally and I had taken a river boat cruise up to the Fern Grotto before but didn't know about this adventure. I was so excited. We had been canoeing in Canada and we did just fine there. Kayaking is so totally different! Poor Wally, I drove him nuts. Every time I would paddle I would turn the kayak to the right. Couldn't go straight for the life of me. He was ready to throw me overboard! Imagine that. He kept saying just let me do all the work. Keep your paddle out of the water. Our guide, a cute young girl, stayed behind the group to make sure we all made it and of course, Wally and I were always last and way behind everyone else. Ouch.
It was a 2 1/2 mile paddle up river to the trail to Secret Falls and then a 1.2 mile hike in to the (not so secret ) falls. So round trip it was a 7.4 mile adventure. Half way up the hike to the falls there were 2 rope swings out over the river. Everyone had a blast swinging out and dropping in. Mandy caught her finger in the rope though and really did a number on it. By the end of the day it was swollen and bruised and she could hardly move it.

Here is our beautiful anniversary picture! Not too bad for 43 years is it? I'm so glad we got to go kayaking and hiking up to the falls. We had no idea it was up there and it was a wonderful way to spend the day. Really it was!!

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