Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Companionships.

Starting left to right are Elder Obray new D.L. UT, Elder Taylor new Z.L. from Joseph, AZ, Sister Taputea from French Polynesia, Elder Moore UT, just out 4 days. They are very nice and fun to talk to and ready to work! They are all so glad to come to Kauai because they have heard how great it is here. This island is a place missionaries hope to be transferred to! We had a get to know you game today after we had our training. It was called I Have Never. It was fun. Wally and I always lose first because we can't run as fast as the young ones. We tell a little about our family, our ward at home, what jobs we had before we retired and what we like to do for fun. I also took cookies as a treat and they all love them so much. It makes us feel needed! Wally is loving all this French speaking. He can't golf but he can speak French. He is in French heaven!

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