Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Day of Visiting.

We had a fun day today. It was a full day of visiting. We visited members we had been looking for for awhile. Some of them knew we were here but were afraid to have us come. Dad and I are so scary! When they finally met us in other situations during the week they were then willing to have us come to their houses for a visit. When it was over they all told other people it wasn't too bad. "They liked us, we were nice." Imagine that. They even want us to visit again. On the 1st Wed. of the month Dad also goes visiting in the evening with the bishopric. He really enjoys it and this month there were lots of visits and he was able to hand out reminders of our Ward Christmas Luau and Christmas Party. We sure hope we have a big turn out because it will be a great missionary tool building a float, participating in the Waimea Light Parade, then coming back to the church for the luau.

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