Monday, December 12, 2011

Field Trip With the 4th Grade.

Did you ever think you would hear of Dad and me going on another school field trip? Well, we did just that today. We went to a Hawaiian Village in Wailua. We have often wondered what it was like on Kauai when just the native people were here. When Denise (we read with her class) asked us if we wanted to go we jumped at the chance.

Here we are being given instructions on how to behave. Uh-huh! They are good kids really they are. Anyway, we had a great time and learned a lot. We had a tour guide and that was great too because she told us lots of things we wouldn't have learned otherwise. This site was favored by the King of Kauai and he stayed here a lot. It has been restored and kept up really well. It has been here since the 1700's.

This is the warriors hale. Here they would plan their strategy and there were some great examples of weapons. I loved how the walls and roofs were preserved inside and out. We learned so much. We know the Hawaiian people are a loving and trusting people but they were also quite fierce warriors. Their weapons included several kinds of spears, long and short, hand clubs with shark teeth of the tiger and great white that would rip the tender fleshy parts of your body, a sling shot looking tool used to poke opponents eyes out and a rope for strangulation. The weapons were made from Koa wood, some varieties that have become scarce and are know only to Kauai. They were very beautiful. It's sad to know what they were used for. What a great trip, so glad we went.

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